SciFest National Final 2023

Stand 32

Rehabilitation Nation

Students Emma Greaney, Madison Brouder
School Desmond College, Station Road, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick
Teacher Donal Enright
Venue TUS Limerick

The whole aim of our project was to help improve people’s shoulder pain from the comfort of their own home no matter the severity. Most importantly ensuring they remain independent throughout. Our device offers a more affordable solution to individuals which enables them to have a better quality of life in their homes.18-26% of adults and the elderly suffer with adhesive capsulitis and other common shoulder complications making it one of the most common pain syndromes in the world. Adhesive capsulitis is a disorder of musculoskeletal tissue surrounding the shoulder joint. It will cause you to experience pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. There are different stages of adhesive, including the inflammatory stage, the freezing stage, the frozen stage and the thawing or recovery stage. Treatment of adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) involves range-of-motion exercises and, sometimes in a small percentage of cases, arthroscopic surgery may have to be performed. We conducted two experiments with local people suffering with adhesive capsulitis one being a 62yr old male and the other a 39yr old female with both of their affected arms improving by over 60% Our electronic version is made with aluminium, acrylic, a battery pack which powers the micro bit. Two easy foam grip handles ensure that the device is comfortable. It features a strong firm rope which can be securely fastened and adjusted to any standard size door.

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SciFest National Final 2023
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