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Can Arthritis Sufferers Benefit from Leverage?

Students Leah Newman, Craig Lawlor
School St Oliver's Community College, Rathmullan Rd, Rathmullan, Drogheda, Co. Louth
Teacher Andrew Donnelly
Venue Dundalk IT

Our project is based on leverage and is focused specifically on how leverage can benefit people that suffer with arthritis. We discovered through our research, both desk and field that arthritis sufferers struggle with so many simple everyday tasks that non-sufferers may deem as ‘easy`.

We conducted a survey to identify what the most difficult tasks are for them. We initially found these to be unscrewing a bottle, peeling tabs and picking up small items, like bank cards, keys and coins.

With these struggles in mind, we created the MultiTasker, a 3D printed device made from PLA (Polylactic-Acid). We printed several prototypes and tested them to make any required modifications and improvements. We believe that our one-of-a-kind and innovative product can make a real difference in people’s lives and play a vital role in the long-term management of arthritis and other diseases that may result in limited mobility and/or dexterity in one’s lower arms/hands.

Following the invaluable feedback that we received at the regional round of SciFest, we have created several new variations of the MultiTasker and have explored the possibility of an application that would allow for the individual modularization of our tool which allows the user to order a personalized device, suited to their unique needs and struggles.

We thoroughly enjoyed doing this project as we found it remarkably interesting researching the science behind our tool and enjoyed seeing how our device can be of such benefit to arthritis sufferers, and therefore improving their standard of life.

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