SciFest National Final 2023

Stand 24

Project Preserve 3.0

Student Sachin Mahesh
School Castleknock College, College Grove, Castleknock, Dublin 15
Teacher Tom Tierney
Venue TU Dublin Blanchardstown

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the agricultural sector have significant environmental impacts, including contributing to climate change and air pollution. Reducing emissions from the agricultural sector is a crucial step in addressing environmental and economic challenges. While several regulatory measures have been put in place, small and medium farms struggle to control their emissions due to a lack of simple, affordable, and user-friendly emission management tools.

Finding effective and scalable solutions that can be widely adopted by farmers and producers is a complex task that requires addressing a range of interconnected factors. In this project we present Preserve, a low-cost solution that relies on in-situ real-time measurements from farms and provides guidance through predictive models while allowing farmers to monitor measurements via a user-friendly cloud interface. Preserve uses predictive analytics and multiple regression models in Python to alert farmers and producers to take preventative measures when the model predicts an impending emissions spike.

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