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The Perfect Wind Turbine

Students Sean Jordon, Mark Cranley
School Coola Post Primary School, Riverstown, Via Boyle, Co. Sligo
Teacher Shona Gorman
Venue ATU Sligo

Our project's inspiration was based on the ever-looming climate crisis; we believe that drastic measures must be introduced to curb global warming. We believe that wind turbines are a vital source of renewable energy and stand as a very viable option to curb global warming.

From researching different avenues of renewable energy we found that vertical-axis wind turbines may lead to an increase in electrical output. Along with changing the shape and direction of the blade, we decided to find the most suitable location for the turbine to be situated whether it be in a high-altitude area or at sea level on the coast. To do this we measured the mass of the air relative to the area to determine which area has the most potential energy.

After investigating the electrical yield for both the horizontal and vertical turbines by subjecting them to wind speeds of 1.5 m/s and 4.5 m/s, we found that the VAWT produced a higher electrical output for both windspeeds.

The mountain location had a greater air mass, but the seaside had the greater wind speed, so in conclusion we believe this is a disputable matter and that neither location is a clear-cut successor for the wind-turbines to be situated.

Further research must be carried out on a larger scale to effectively determine which turbine is the definite successor. Factors such as overall difficulty to construct and funding for these turbines must be considered as ultimately the most effective turbine on paper may not be so in practice.

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