SciFest National Final 2023

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Students Meabh O Sullivan, Sarah Harte
School Sacred Heart Secondary School, Convent of Mercy, Clonakilty, Co. Cork
Teacher Claire Holland
Venue MTU Cork

The main aim of our project, 'Cycle for Charge', is to promote the use of sustainable energy sources and to persuade people to use sustainable energy sources in their daily lives. The hypothesis for our investigation is, 'Is it possible to create a sustainable energy source to power an electronic device which can be introduced in an easy and accessible way to society in the future’. We have designed a circuit board dynamo device that converts kinetic energy from a bike into electrical energy to charge a phone. As we know, the battery in every phone has to be recharged in order to use it. This means that fossil fuels are constantly being wasted in order to create electrical energy to recharge phones. As a vast proportion of the population owns a phone and therefore wastes fossil fuels recharging their phone, it is clear that our investigation has the potential to change how thousands, if not millions, of people recharge their phone to a more sustainable way. We have surveyed a number of people to see if our device would have a popular uptake and impact the planet. 92.5% of people said they would use our device for a greener future. Bear in mind that people will not have to continuously use our 'Cycle for Charge' method to have a positive impact on our planet, even if they use our theory of converting the kinetic energy caused by cycling to electric energy every so often, this can make a big change to the health of the planet and promote sustainable generation of electricity.


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